Amazing Glaze AG5 Pte Ltd The Paint Protection Professionals

Welcome to Amazing Glaze AG5!

Since AG5 Nanotech Amazing Glaze's birth in 1993; it is the 4th generation in Paint Protection Technology today.

AMAZING GLAZE is the proven technological breakthrough in paint protection technology that actually bonds with the paint's molecular structure and thus, creates a durable protective coating that has been proven to prevent harsh elements and pollutants from entering into the paint's micropores that begin damaging/oxidizing the paint, causing it to look dull, oxidized and worn off.

AMAZING GLAZE paint protection has originally been tried, tested and used by major international commercial airlines like British Airways, United Airlines, Qantas, Lufthansa, etc, just to name a few and today, this proven aviation grade superior paint protection technology is being used in the marine and automobile industries.