Testimonial -Must Try if you want a bang for buck deal! Car Paint Restoration/Correction

Car Paint Protection for Mercedes Benz

Mercedes CLA 200 is using Amazing Glaze Paint Protection Treatment

Must Try if you want a bang for buck deal!

I am in no way related to this company, just want to share my wonderful experience with everyone as this underrated shop really lives up to my expectation but too bad not much marketing was done to raise awareness. Took me a lot of courage to let someone else touch my car as I had never done that for more than 10 years, but no choice due to serious water marks.

Was recommended by a friend and of course did a lot of goggling and comparison.

Found out that this shop had been around for more than 17 years, and best of all it is using stuffs that were endorsed by Airlines. To cut the story short, I was amazed by how the water marks were removed 99% and the application of the sealant/coating.

Car looks better than showroom now and best of all the price is very very reasonable.

Durability was also amazing!

Yes some shops out there gives years of warranty, but the prices are ridiculous.

I would go back to Amazing Glaze once a year and in between do touch ups, more cost effective.

Big thanks to Margaret and staffs???


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