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Car paint protection technology

Having a global presence, AMAZING GLAZE products were introduced to Singapore in 1999; and from 2001 till 2012, we have been selected by Performance Motors Ltd as their in-house contractor to provide our proven paint protection system for their prestigious BMW cars.

Since the introduction of AMAZING GLAZE products in Singapore, we have tens of thousands customers, none of these customers has ever made a claim or complaint about AMAZING GLAZE paint protection quality. Till today, we have never encountered a car coated with AMAZING GLAZE paint protection that has been damaged by nature’s and man-made pollutants even, after 3 years from first application.

AMAZING GLAZE is a Proven Technology used by major commercial Airlines

Paint restoration before applying Amazing Glaze Paint Protection treatment.

Paint Restoration at Amazing Glaze Paint Protection Treatment

There are many products in the market claiming to be proven technology by their manufacturers.

However, when asked which major industry manufacturers are using their products, more then likely they cannot show proof of their clientele. WHY?

Because no reputable & sizable industry dares to use these products as “guinea pigs” tests subject which may end up in long legal battles with their clients.

Authorities Certifications:

AMAZING GLAZE products are tested and certified as “PAINT PROTECTION” by Industry Authorities like BOEING and AIRBUS and have been approved for use by Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

In another words, it is the Authorities that assure consumers of the constant high quality products specification and its specific/ intended usages, i.e. AMAZING GLAZE is classified as genuine “Paint Protection” products.

Furthermore, because AMAZING GLAZE carries certified products it therefore can be insured US$10,000,000.00 (US Ten millions Dollars) as a standard practice required by the airlines industries.

Note: BOEING and AIRBUS Industries do not conduct tests for any other commercial products unless the tests conducted are specifically intended for use by their aircraft clienteles.

Why is AMAZING GLAZE so successful?

We ensure Quality Workmanship every time!Before and after paint restoration, paint protection of Amazing Glaze

We assure that our polishing, paint restoration and quality workmanship is second to none. This is done by a thorough inspection after every polishing and paint restoration to ensure that the job has been properly done.

Furthermore, today’s car paints are produced using the latest resin materials that can actually produce high quality, deep & clear gloss to the paint. Therefore, there is no need for waxing or putting other aftermarket car care products to enhance the gloss because; when the paint shines, there is nothing you can put over it that can make the paint shinier.

Thus, making waxing and gloss enhancing services/products obsolete. We dare to claim that we have the best skills and workmanship when it comes to restore/prepare BLACK colored or DARK colored cars.


You SAVE $ Money,Time and Conveniences!Not hide! Not fill!We fine tune! We polish!We protect your beloved car.We…


our satisfied customer after Amazing Glaze Paint Protection treatment on his Volvo S60There is absolutely no shortcut to achieve the ultimate “Showroom” shine!

The preparation and restoration processes are the most important stages in any professional auto detailing business. Executing the restoration procedures accordingly can determine the optimum end result paint’s shine even before the work is completed. The following are important basic preparation stages that are always practiced by AMAZING GLAZE AG5 without any compromise:

  • Restoration process begins by removing all existing pollutants and stubborn stains embedded onto the paint’s surface
  • Removal of “water-marks” caused by acid rain or air-conditioner’s acidic water.
  • Refining the painted surfaces from scratches and imperfections.
  • Polish paint properties to a smooth, high gloss and depth finish.
  • With the new shiny layer of paint restored, AMAZING GLAZE AG5 coating is then applied onto its surface to create a protective barrier through molecular bonding.
  • Clean, vacuum and apply dressing to cabin’s interior, boot compartment and wheels, etc.

Paint Protection on Subaru Foerester


The distinctive difference is that at AMAZING GLAZE AG5 we take pains to clean, restore and polish the paint (as explained in paragraph nos.1 to nos.6) to achieve the optimum paint shine before sealing-off to protect against harmful elements. We do not claim that AMAZING GLAZE AG5 products per se makes the car’s paint shine, but rather we emphasis on the restoration processes. At AMAZING GLAZE AG5, we do not rest on our laurels. We relentlessly pursue advanced technologies and developments that help us to provide excellent services to our customers.

Easiest Maintenance Ever!

Once your car’s paint is protected with AMAZING GLAZE AG5, all you need to do to maintain its “showroom shine” condition is to simply shampoo wash your car on a regular basis like at least twice in a week to degrease exhaust fumes pollutants and stubborn stains from the environment from accumulating, thus creating a soot’s film over our AG5 protection. A good shampoo-wash will result in clean, shiny, sleek smooth feel to your car’s paint.

No more polishing or waxing is required throughout the year!

Please remember these 3 easy basic principles to keep your car in showroom shine throughout the year without burning a hole in your pocket, and the followings are:-

  1. Never, never Wax your car
  2. Only use super fine microfiber cloth to wash and dry your car.
  3. Shampoo wash your car at least twice a week.

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