Anti-Bacterial Sanitizing

The Only High Performance, Safe Antimicrobial Additive

Silver Ions is today’s most Effective and Safe Anti-Bacteria sanitizing technology for cars’ cabins and air-conditioning system. Silver Ions technology eliminates the use of air fresheners that only masked-off foul smells temporarily in cars cabins, homes and offices.

The Only High Performance, Safe Anti-microbial Biocide Biocidal Product Directive BSEN, 1276, 1650 and 13697.

Our revolutionary Nano-Silver ions sanitizing system is receiving great feedback reviews from our customers’. “Silver ions” sanitizing biocide has been tested and proven on its effectiveness against a broad range of harmful microbial, viruses and pathogens. *Silver ions has been tested effective against MRSA, P.aeruginosa, E. coli, E. hirae, S. aureus, A. niger, C. aibicans, Staphylococcus aureus ATCC 43300 and approved by US EPA, FIFRA, Food and Drugs Agency (FDA), and EU in the UK.

Biocidal Product Directive BSEN, 1276, 1650 and 13697

Silver Ions are already in used in hospitals, hotels, restaurants, hair salons, schools, and all medical, veterinary and dentistry practitioners to name a few.

The performance is outstanding and extensive results are available showing in excess of 99.99% reduction in gram positive/negative bacteria, fungi, moulds and algae in many varied applications.

Silver ions have been at the forefront of the fight against MRSA. Tests have shown that Silver ions have killed the bug where other anti-bacterial sprays have failed. Hospitals can place Silver ions all over the ward from the call button; to bed cloths, uniforms, apparatus, clipboards etc and it will help to reduce the spread of the MRSA bug.

Silver ions are available in a variety of forms. We have already developed a Surface Spray, Washing Machine additive and a Fabric Conditioner, and an independent Cosmetics Laboratory has also approved it, to be included it into Body lotions, creams and Bath Foams for use by the Hospital and Medical Industry.

Silver Ions laundry products have been specially formulated to be added to the washing machine at the softener cycle. Treating all laundries in the drum with a on-going antimicrobial protection. They can be used for washing staff uniforms, bed linen and towels, thereby killing all bacteria. Silver ions will also stop any future bacteria from clinging to the linen, giving ultimate antimicrobial protection. The Washing Machine Additive and Fabric Conditioner will give protection for up to 50 washes. The Fabric Conditioner has been developed to be added to every wash, giving continuous protection, without the need for everyday conditioners.

The Silver Ions additive is available as a highly active master batch or a fully compounded format for all common polymers. Applications include fiber, film, tape, injection molding, blow molding, rotational molding, sheet and profile extrusion.

Examples of common uses are:


  • Food wrap, chopping boards, kitchen drainers, waste bins, refuse sacks, nappy films, knife handles, bathroom mouldings.


  • Fridge mouldings, dishwasher trays, telephone receivers, shower parts, cooking controls.


  • Steering wheels, gear knobs, switches, assist grips, handles, fabrics.


  • Carpet fibres, pillows, non woven fabrics, pens, book covers, clipboards, industrial crates, medical waste containers, laundry sacks, food preparation utensils, UPVC.

Please note: the list of applications is endless and there are many more applications currently being developed.

Silver Ions Surface spray is available in 500ml sprays; Silver ions Washing Machine Additive is available in 110mls and Silver ions Fabric Conditioner in 500mls. All products are available in larger quantities. For specialised applications and further details please call our sales team.

*Anti-Bacterial Sanitizing has been fully tested and approved by the Food and Drugs Agency from the USA, UK and EU

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