Frequently Asked Questions

What can Amazing Glaze AG5 do for me that other polishing centers can’t?
Amazing Glaze AG5 protects your car by adding our sealant directly into the coating, allowing it to be protected against acid attacks, UV oxidization and it is guaranteed to last one whole year without further contribution from us. It is easily maintained by shampooing your car weekly.

What does the warranty cover?
The Amazing Glaze treatment will ensure that the exterior paint will prevent weather-induced fading, acid rain, bird acid, oxidation and loss of gloss to the painted surfaces of the exterior paint of the vehicle. It is also guaranteed to protect the new water-based paints being used by car manufacturers all over the world.

Why is Amazing Glaze such a premium one-time treatment?
The sealant that we use is guaranteed to last you for one year, and so Amazing Glaze is a year’s worth of maintenance, which is much cheaper than constant waxing to maintain the same level of shine. Constant polishing will inevitably reduce the thickness of your car’s paint, so that’s why we do not provide multiple polishing packages.

What is my responsibility after this treatment?
Shampoo your car regularly. Recommended frequency is twice a week, but it is still dependent on the usage of the vehicle. Also, remove bird droppings from the car as soon as you notice it, to prevent the acid from burning into the paint.

Why should I trust you with my car?
We are an established company that has been in this field since 1999. Ever since then, we have been constantly improving our services and our products, coming up with new generations of products that will serve its purposes better. We worked in-house at Performance Motors Limited (East Coast Center) from 2001 to 2012, offered them a premium polishing service, with thousands of cars under our care. How can you possibly go wrong?

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